Taken from my notes:

One afternoon in May, I was in my usual work mode at home when my 8 yr. old  went loose with her regular mischief. To those who knew her, you know what I was talking about. Anyway, I was busy with my workload but she keeps bothering me with so many things. I locked my room and warned her that she cannot bug me since I am on my “work hours”. So then, she decided to play with her sister instead.

As expected it did not last a moment, they are now in the most annoying argument that makes me an unhappy mother. Ceci’s “entitlement mentality” where she always wants to be the first and winner in the game is definitely a clash with her sister. No matter how we explain it to her, she will only give you that” puppy look” but still insist on what she wants. Is this typical among the youngest? Hmmm.. I wonder.  

In all sincerity, explanations and small talk came about but to no avail. I told them that if they cannot co-exist then they have to separate and mind their own thing. The world is now at peace and I went back to my work. Guess what happened??

Yes, she cannot be alone because she gets bored easily and wanted a playmate all the time, thus going to her sister is her only option. Her older sister once again stormed me with complaints. Take note: “Patience is a Virtue” but now, they have a mother whose patience is slowly dying unfortunately 😦

 “Ok, this is it!!..Its time for you to reflect! Kneel down in front of the altar and pray the rosary, then say sorry afterwards for all the trouble that you did”.  It finally sunk in her that she is in deep trouble. It gave us a long quiet time somehow. After doing her penance, she took papers and coloring pens and I figured she wanted to do some artwork,.. ok looking good. Then I left her alone. I was calmed and went back to work.

A few hours, she came knocking again and of course my eyes rolled up and took a deep sigh. “Yes hon, what do you want?!…”Oh mom, I just want to hand this envelope to you and I promise not to bother you again” but I declined to let her in and told her that it can wait later,but then I felt guilty. Sigh again.. I got up from my chair, took that envelope from her, gave her a frustrated look with a sarcastic smile, went back to my room and closed the door. A few minutes after, I started reading her envelope and the letters inside, suddenly I feel guilty again(she’s really good at making you feel this way). What can a mother give her child in moments like this?… Hugs and kisses.

 The envelope says “We all grow together FOREVER” and she drew the 4 of us. Inside are small sweet notes & letters. It made me realize that no matter how small your child is, you can learn from them too. It struck me hard because for me she not only meant that mistakes are part of growing up, but also how she and all of us are learning from each other as we altogether grow up maturely as a family.

The girls are growing intelligently, admirable and gifted with God-given talents but sometimes, I am only foreseeing what they may become . Being carefree is fine, however normal in any child, we dislike the way they seem to be when they are unruly and chaotic; consequently as parents, we have to remind them incessantly that they are the future of the earth and that whatever they do it is always beautiful to remember that they are God’s children…We all are.