Taken from my notes..

Today, after I said my morning offering, I checked my phone and noticed a couple of private messages in my fb. I am so delighted to know that some of you offers warm prayers for me and my family. It really made my day, and so I thank you. Thank you for including us in your prayers occasionally, and I pray also for those blessings back to you.

In the busyness of our daily chores, oftentimes it is harder to pause. We may be caught up with the demands of the day but it is always important to take a break and be mindful about God, because only in His presence that we are revealed of the truth that we always desire to have, and the more that the truth is revealed, the more our purpose in life is revealed. Look at our children and see how they put God in their lives.

It always amaze me when I see my daughters’ expressions of regret when they forget to pray at night; when they close their eyes to sleep and all of a sudden will get up quickly and sit with their eyes closed & hands clasped together to utter their night prayers. It’s almost like a part of their body mechanisms, more like of a body reflex.

When we learn how to pray at an early age, it won’t be difficult to practice it as part of our daily life. Praying for one another begets faith, faith begets love and love begets service for our brothers and sisters in Christ. Oremus Ad Invicem… Let us always pray for each other.

“Prayer makes your heart bigger, until it is capable of containing the gift of God Himself” – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta