The eve of 2011 was different from our traditional family get-together. This time we celebrate with several families of our children’s school friends. The hosts certainly knows how to throw a stress-free house party.  We all enjoyed the delectable food which most of us brought as potluck. The kids had their own place to hang out who enjoyed much being together since all of them were on the same classes and grade levels. We had a good time together welcoming the new year. Each family brought their own gourmet food to share. For me, the winner on the table was one of the antipasti (like the one in the photo below; a creamy brie topped with red pepper jam that flows perfectly on the sides with its gel-like consistency. The flavor was superb. I like how the host prepared it. Few weeks have passed, I tried some of the bries I could find in the deli area but for many months I got frustrated. I experiment with different flavors available in the grocery stores and finally got it! The brand identical to the taste I had at the party was Rouge et Noir Triple Crème Brie  which I found at Costco. This will be my lifetime favorite, unless of course I visit France and encounter new good stuff.

Here’s how to prepare it:

-Choose a “triple” crème brie (forget the diet) – It is creamier than the double creme..yum!

– Make sure to leave it at room temperature an hour before serving.

– top it with anything you like such as nuts, syrup etc.. I love topping it with chili jam like what I did above. I forgot the brand name of the jam preserve but I’ll surely share it back if I remember (which by the way took me some research as well).

– you can eat it with crackers, sourdough bread and my favorite is dipping the sliced cold Anjou Pears in it, a perfect match made in heaven 🙂  it’s also good with seedless grapes and pair it with wine. Enjoy!