Here’s one of the many experiments I did in the course of my cooking stints that will surely be a part of my family tradition. Although done by accident, it was a total serendipity!

One of our annual and exciting events in December is the much-awaited Christmas party with my group of friends. It is always the bomb! Why? because all our talents are just pouring out at its best. Perhaps it’s the mood of Christmas that makes our creative souls share it with one another, may it be on the glamorous decor, the heart warming Christmas card making, the elegantly wrapped presents, or the mouth-watering food we bring and share together. Only the Grinch hate this season!

Due to the busyness of the season, it was  a dilemma to cook or not to cook 🙂 Fancy foods are always available during this time of the year. So the verdict… I opt to cook everything for the sake of pouring my love and personal touch on the food that I want to share with my group. My friend Rowina, requested that I make an “Ube Halaya” its a dessert made from purple yam. A kind of yam that is valued not only from its taste but also for its nutritional value and beautiful bright purple color. I saw these miniature pumpkins at the store and gave me an idea to make it as my vessel for the Ube Halaya. Voila!..It perfectly matched in colors!! after all, I’m a Laker’s fan 😀 These small good eats were kept warm in the oven until we we’re ready to devour it 😀 I served it with a scoop of coconut ice cream on top and garnished with mint. Such a delight!

To give you an idea how It came to reality:

boiled purple yam (peel & grate)-Perfect if steamed.
small marshmallows
condensed milk
coconut milk (optional)
pinch of salt
brown or white sugar for sprinkles (depends on the sweetness of the mixture)
tiny pumpkins- as seen above I baked it first and removed the core .
Combine coconut milk, condensed milk, pinch of salt and bring it to a boil.
Mix the grated purple yam to the mixture above and remove from heat.
Let it cool…add the marshmallows to the mixture and scoop it to the pumpkins.
Top with walnuts and sprinkle brown sugar then bake for 10-15 minutes @350°
Serve warm topped with vanilla or coconut ice cream..enjoy!