Here’s one of the unguarded moments with Pacot & Ceci of which I often take pleasure in sharing with friends and family.

I am off at work today and by that, it means easy day. Well, not really. I decided to deal with the house chores that needed some attention. The litany begins by sorting the mail, folding clothes from the dryer, cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, vacuuming, and whatnot. So, by the time my children woke up, the seemingly endless tasks are almost done. Afternoon came and they helped out in doing their own chores, but as I hoped to last the pristine condition of the house for at least a day, I spotted an empty glass on the corner of the clean table that I just cleared from clutter. Tired and irritated, I holler at my kids immediately and the interrogation begins:

 Me: Come here you two! (The girls approaching with a puzzled look..) Who left the empty  glass on the table? Didn’t I tell you to wash after use or put in the sink when you have a dirty dish? Why is it that you don’t get it, huh?…blah, blah..  (My youngest Ceci wanted to interrupt but I told her to let me finish my babble…)

 Me: Instead of helping your mom, you keep messing around..hah!.. When are you going to learn and just do what needs to be done?..blah..blah..blah..(Girls just staring at me with a blank face)

 Ceci: “Ah mom”, …(As Ceci tries to reason out, her sister gave her a stern look and elbowed her to stop from answering back at me but Ceci insisted) …”you know mom, I’m sure I did not use that glass nor my sister (paused a second), actually, I gave you a glass of water earlier and I think it’s yours.”

 Then there’s a total silence…  Standing and looking at each other, I was astounded; all of a sudden we burst into laughter. I feel so humiliated by my own haughtiness. Without a word, my eldest took the glass and washed it. She chuckled secretly; nonetheless, I can sense a little victory in the eyes of my youngest as she glanced at her sister as if the two were in agreement of her vindication 🙂 It was one of those awkward but “learning” moments. Somehow, I need to be a role model in this instance. It is time for Mea Culpa, and so I did. I apologized to the girls for my false accusation and as expected, I was forgiven 🙂 Oh, happy fault!

Two lessons to learn:

1.) Humility is best earned in humiliation                     

 2.)Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory