If you are living in United States, there is a 98% chance that you or your family ancestors once came from another country. US is also known as the ” melting pot” in the world due to its great cultural and ethnic diversity.  Naturally, immigrants with the same background would come together and work hard to keep its cultural heritage intact. The community that I belong to is no different than others. Our Filipino heritage is so alive before the eyes of our young generation. I am thankful for the willingness of our elders to pass on the rich culture of our roots.  One way of expressing our tradition is through the many parishes in our catholic diocese who embraces multi-cultural diversity of its parishioners. To mention a few, there are Vietnamese, Mexican/Latino, Italian, Irish, Lebanese communities in our parishes. One of the many parochial celebrations we attended that amazed me most was that of multi-cultural potluck at St. Lucy’s in Campbell. Our good friends, Titus & Pat Raceles (who are godparents to our kids) were kind enough to invite us. I have never seen such an enormous assortment of foods representing different countries of origin!  I am glad that this kind of unity is encouraged and practiced in many parts of our community. What a good way to teach the young; To learn and positively encourage them to show pride of our provenance.

Polka Sa Nayon Costume

      Yesterday, the image of “Our Lady Of Antipolo” visited our diocese and it was a chance for the Samahang Filipino performing Arts (SFPA) to render some talents. This is a group of youth and children (including my girls) who takes part in the traditional cultural dances wearing colorful costumes and graceful movements. Thankfully, our daughters love to participate in this kind of social functions 🙂

       Indeed surprising yet fulfilling, to see in these young generation the commitment and the passion in learning the culture of their origin. They help ignite the connections to those who have been away too long from the islands of our birth.  The fact is, we have numerous cultural dances and traditional folklores that we have to uncover before their eyes. Their curiosity leads them to yearn for the meaning, history, and significance of each repertoire that they perform.

       These kind of activities augment awareness among our youth. It awakens the true nature of these young Filipino-Americans as they unfold their roots through art and tradition.


 Samahang Filipino Performing Arts (SFPA) During the Senor Sto. Niño performance.