Here are some interesting videos of non-catholics who entered the church. Hear their confessions on how they perceived and admittedly expressed their ignorance on the catholic faith. Their stories include their prejudice to the catholic teachings and its faithful. Take time to watch and listen as they witness their own experience on how their protestant faith become the trajectory in accepting the fullness of their christian faith. Some of them become the leading apologist and defender of the catholic faith.

I like watching these clips because it is wonderful to see how these scholarly individuals armed with protestant theology were humbled by their own life awakenings. Their social and intellectual status did not prevent them from accepting of what they discovered to be the “truth” according to their own rigid studies and personal experiences. Dr. Peter Kreeft is just one of those who will truly hold your attention. I only embed 1 of 5 videos of this topic. You can find more of these 5 videos thru youtube.

DR. PETER KREEFT Former Calvinist, Professor and Apologist

Audio Only

His lecture “7 Reasons to be Catholic” focuses on a number of philosophical approaches but primarily centers on reasons why a Protestant Christian might consider fuller communion with the Catholic Church. In Part 4 he concludes his reason about the four “marks” of the Church. He also discusses how the hypocrisy and sins of Catholics convinced him of the Church’s infallible protection. He then explains how the development of the biblical canon within the tradition of the Church over the course of the first few centuries disproved the Reformation doctrine of “sola scriptura”.

DR. DAVID ANDERS protestant convert to the church

He previously want to become a History professor and studied theology in one of the best protestant school of theology. Watch how he was surprised by his own discovery.

FR. JOHN MARKHAM, MD Former Southern Baptist, medical doctor, former “husband”(watch what happened) a humble person and now a catholic priest.

DR. PETER WILLIAMSON Former Presbyterian

Dr. Peter Williamson is a convert to the Catholic Church and now a Scripture scholar who teaches at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit Michigan.