Last night, my family watched a movie called “The Help”. I really like it, except that my 8-year-old kept asking a lot of questions every time she gets confused on the flow of the movie. My 11-year-old however, captured the gist of the story since she studied a lot of these facts in her 4th & 5th grade’s social & history lessons. She was actually the one who explained it better to her sister.

The girls enjoyed most of the 1960’s setting; of how the women were dolled-up and engaged in a more polite conversation even though the intentions weren’t. They also find it funny how cheap the wages were, as described in the movie such as the $8 per week salary of an aspiring journalist.

You can find mixed reviews from all sides of the viewers. My take is that, it was a good summer movie, although one that is not with an extraordinary story. Indeed, something that was undeniably true; nonetheless it is one of those stories with huge injustice in the early days.

The casts are all talented and wonderful. Emma Stone(Skeeter) fits perfectly as the southernbelle and Viola Davis(Aibeleen) did a great performance (as she always does). There’s a lot of powerful scenes and even brought me to tears a couple of times 🙂