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As summer time is nearing its end, I am thankful that fresh vegetables are always available in California. So, I decided to make a springtime meal. It’s been a while I haven’t cooked pasta and the children are craving for some. One of the most requested pasta in my family is the angel hair or the thin spaghetti. I must admit that I am not italian nor an expert of any italian recipes, but I am not afraid to try new recipes, and usually, it’s always a hit with the kids as well as with my hubby.

I made a simple Pasta Primavera. I included lots of vegetables and shrimps so the kids will not whine if it’s just purely greens. Although they eat anything that I serve them, they are usually pretty honest when it comes to the Be nice to me question of..” How’s the food?” and no matter how polite they answer my question, it will surely show in their faces. On this one..They rewarded me with smiles & praises.

If you can read and follow instructions, you can cook! I have more than 20 cookbooks in my shelves and they are authored by some of the best cooking gurus in the world of kitchendom such as from Le cordon bleu, william sonoma, Julia Childs, etc.., but why do I always end up getting the recipes from the internet? because it is easier to type the words and voilà! different versions appear before your eyes.

So if any of you wonder which recipe I used on this one, it was a combination of my books, the internet, and my own style of cooking. This is also a combination of primavera ingredients with inclusion of anchovies and chunks of tomatoes. I will probably call this one “Capellini alla primavera e puttanesca”. There, does it sounds authentic italian or what?