After several fun-filled summer weeks, it had ended as we all expected. Fall season has begun and is widely felt these past few days as the weather starts to change. While many are looking forward for the cooler days of fall, the first strike of the season hit us with the taste of viral colds and sinus infection before we even enjoyed the fall colors.

       As always, the first victims are the children and the census will include mine if they will ever have to start one. Thankfully, the young-bloods have no problems in fighting the culprits of their fun except that it goes around the household and now it got me. The truth holds on the expression “misery loves company”. A few days ago, I was caring for my sick children trying hard to contain their illness through the skills I learned by way of prevention and infection control. I failed__and now I cannot express well enough the miserable moments of having to stay home on bed dealing with the same affliction as my kids have had. If I have accounted the numbers of hot beverage intake I had, it would probably be enough to serve an army. Nothing soothes my itchy, burning throat than a hundred cups of hot tea. But one thing I cannot endure (or at least the hardest one for me) is having to suffer with fever. Why does fever kicks me out of this world? I feel like am a floating paper or a melting candle that drains out the energy from my body.

       Thank God for my husband, whose love and care never fail since the day he made that promise. On the brighter side, there is joy amidst the misery, the joy of knowing that God always sends His love to us in his own special way. Sometimes through the person whom our Lord entrusted His promise of faithfulness.


 Jan Steen
From a Photograph by Franz Hanfstaengl