How many of you will agree that families today rarely get the chance to have what we call “quality time” together? In my household, one of the most important days in our mundane life is when we gather as a family in our dining table. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of time to do that everyday but that is one of the reasons to look forward to the end of the week!

       I love weekends, it is when my hubby and yours truly begin the morning with our kitchen concert. The sound of pots & pans, the whirring of a grinder for freshly ground coffee, of which my husband has already mastered scientific calculation in brewing it perfectly (according to his liking), of course the “humming” while stirring the scrambled eggs on stove top and finally, the calling of our youngsters who are always late for breakfast on weekends enjoying extra hours of idleness..

       Today is one of those “seize the moment time”. My girls are in their tweens and by that, it means boys will be (if not always) part of peer conversation. I thought it’s time to talk about it in our breakfast table hoping that it would interest my eldest daughter. She actually said “yuck” but not for long, it was just a pretentious gesture. As a mom, I can tell how much vivacity and excitement has filled her eyes. On the other hand, my youngest has the eyes of a critical observer. She always spy and act as the whistle-blower for her sister.

The topic began with just a tease and ended up in a very serious discussion. I said “serious” because their hungry curious mind and my outpouring advice backed by my husband’s support, produced an eternal questioning between parent-child camps. Our discussions touched the awareness of chastity, impure thoughts and the sin of lust. I feel that it’s right to remind them that each of us is the temple of the Holy Spirit. It helped them grasp the idea that committing a sin of lust (through impure thoughts) is not fitting as the dwelling place of good. We taught them how important it is not to fall from peer pressure and media’s manipulation penetrating even the children’s TV programs. Overall, the attention they gave relieved me from being cynical. Afterall, we as parents can only give the best advice. In opportunities like this, talking with our children is the best way to give them something they will remember for the rest of their lives, how do I know that? because those were the same words I heard from our parents when I was growing up, now it is time to pass it down.