Last Saturday, we treat the kids for a late night movie theater trip instead of the usual “Redbox”  machine trip when we rent home videos at our local grocery stores. We rarely go see movies. But that night, we just all decided to do something outside from our weekend routine.

       We reached the mall an hour before the movie schedule. The line was not long at the ticket booth at first, but when that guy in the photo showed up, he attracted the crowd. I don’t know how long he stayed up to man the ticket booth but it was fun to see some starwars personalities handling you the movie ticket. My daughter took this photo from an iphone.

       So, we ate at the food court while killing time, talk a while and at the same time enjoying the view of the starwars crew waving and helping at the booth. I thought it was a cool marketing strategy.

Ron Phillips/HONS/Warner Bros. Pictures/AP

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is something every family will enjoy. It’s full of wit and adventure. We watched the 3D version ‘coz that was the only available at the time we were at the theater but I’m glad we did.

My little one keeps attempting to touch the things she sees in her 3D  eye glasses, she really cracked me up!  I think that’s what makes it more fun watching it.  I cannot express how much I embarassed my family everytime I scream and gasp loudly in this suspenseful movie.

Over all, this is worth watching. It was well applauded by the crowd at the end of the movie.