Earlier while cleaning our kitchen, my eleven-year old daughter looks on. She was in the kitchen waiting for the alarm of the toaster oven to sound so she could munch her toasty bread for snack. I asked her what spread she wants for her bread, her choices range from nutella, peanut butter, strawberry jam, cream cheese, mayo sandwich spread, and plain butter. She opt for just plain butter [that’s how easy she is] which I knew already since bread and butter is what makes her day complete. I thought of some stuff I want to talk about since this is the time we can have our moments together, to discuss just about anything interesting.

Before I could even think of something, she already started it. Here’s what she told me,”you know mom we need to monitor the garbology in this house”…. I was like, ” huh, what the heck is that?” she smiled at me and took a first bite of her bread before saying another word. Garbology is synonymous with waste management according to her. It’s about garbage or waste that we have in our place. So then I said, “wow I like that topic, tell me more about it my child” with a little sarcasm yet full of excitement, I encouraged her to elaborate on what she just told me with the intention of trapping her in the end regarding waste.

Well, there are certain ways of practicing garbology she said. After every meal for example, we can trace how much food waste we have. All the food left on our plates must be put together in one container. It put a smile on my face and immediately asked her, but don’t you do it already? “yes but we need to weigh it all the time so that we know how much waste we contribute to the world. If we are aware of this, then we tend to make a goal to lessen it next time until it goes down to zero food waste”. I was so delighted to hear this! so I asked her again, what do you think you should do to meet the goal? ” Oh c’mon mom, it’s easy all I need to do is finish all the food on my plate”. Now, that’s a “trap”… I mean wrap.