Hi’ya all!  It’s the last day of April. I cannot believe it, it’s almost Christmas! Anyways, I’ve wanted to write something in my blog before this month ends but you know it’s easier to procrastinate, isn’t it? I’m bed bound today ‘coz of my troubled tummy and hence the time to write is possible than any other time. I try hard to at least write one article per month but nothing exciting is happening (or so I thought) I guess I’m too tired to think and construct. So, I want to talk about my tummy trouble. How do you calm an upset stomach?

Here’s how it started, maybe you can diagnose something out of this. I woke up with rather mild tummy pain. After everyone left in my household, I went back to bed as it bothers me a bit. I tried to go back to sleep_’cant.. I feel like barfing_can’t…then, I slowly felt gradual intensity of the pain and so I did the usual antidote for that…the release of CO2 in the body. If you don’t know how to do that ask a toddler. One of the blessings of having pain in a woman who struggles to lose weight, is that it throws away my appetite. Eating is not fun and early satiety is what I’m feeling now even for just a gulp of water. For some reason, the pain kind of subsided after I flushed everything out. I didn’t do anything, it just came out naturally. I guess my body is trying to get rid of the food I ate yesterday. Seriously, I was good and all I ate was purely cooked veggies and just a small amount of lean meat. What could be worse? Hah, here’s my hypothesis, “eating foods that are too healthy is bad as well..” just kidding! I hope I continue to feel better after being flushed. Then I will try to write anything but this.