No, it’s not the usual acronym that’s familiar to most of you. Here’s what it’s for “Twitter, Google, Internet. and Facebook”

At the dawn of internet civilization (about 17 to 20 years ago or earlier) email was unknown to the general public. Do you remember the year your own first email was created? Mine was in 1996. I remember being amazed by browsing Netscape for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing and what kind of dimension I was in, but the amazement and fun I was having was just phenomenal. The first time I tested it was typing “Disneyland” and it showed up California Disney…fun right?   Working in a third world country and being a marketing exec in the old company I worked for, I was lucky to get an internet and email account which was quite unknown to all of us in those days. It was so cool because only a year early (1995) Jerry Yang founded YAHOO Inc. So having a corporate email was a yahoo moment to me at that time, it’s new, it’s hip and it’s different. By the way, did you know that YAHOO is an acronym? It stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” yup and it’s not just an expression of elation just so you know.

Kids today are living and breathing with all the tech revolution. Last month at home, my family watched an old movie about the Watergate Scandal.  “All the President’s Man” was the title of the movie starred by Dustin Hoffman & Robert Redford. The interesting part of my story is that my 2 girls actually stayed and watched with us in this 1976 movie until the end. Not only that this story is part of history but also, the settings and fashion captured my kids’ interest. This is supposed to be a suspense and heart pounding discovery of Ex-President Nixon’s case but it turned out to be a comedy for the girls. They cracked up when they saw the old rotary pay-phones, amazed by the sight of type-writers, laughed at the 70s fashion and frowned at the chain-smoking Hoffman (smoking is illegal in public places here in California).

They laughed because they do not see those things anymore. They are remnants of the past and seeing them with their eyes is like riding a time machine and taking them to the world of antiquity (they don’t realize that their parents are part of that antiquity…Ouch!).

So, where are those things now? It’s all gone…the concept still exists but they transformed into different shapes, forms and dimension. Letters are now emails, telegrams are now text messages, gossips are now tweets, library is now changed to internet, and friendships can be formed through facebook. Rotary phones are now cell phones also known as “mobile” phones because it keeps you mobile while performing all the tasks that were impossible to meet once upon a time. Now, all that can be done in a matter of minutes.