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Just another manic Monday… We were on our way to arts & crafts store to get some stuff for my daughter’s project. The store is about ten minutes away from our home. I asked my hubby to put gas in the car before we go to the store and of course he agreed, but we stopped by at the video box first to drop off the movie title “we bought a zoo” that he rented the other night as it’s already due. With sky-high price of gasoline, at least it’s practical to get as much things needed to be done in order to save the trip.

As we drive along the road, a helicopter was circling around the area we were at. At first we just ignored it but after driving a few more miles we could hear an announcement from above and so we opened the window but it was starting to fade and we just continue to the gas station. While my hubby was filling the tank, here comes again the chopper and this time it was lower and louder. It did get the attention of all the motorists. I tried to listen but all I heard was the last part saying “call 911!!”

I saw my husband talking to this muscular guy wearing a green shirt who was putting gas in his bike. It appears that this guy was asking my husband on what the announcement was all about. After a few seconds, my hubby hurriedly drove us off the scene. I asked him, “what was going on with the chopper?” and he said they are alerting the people that if they see a guy wearing a green shirt and driving a bike, call 911 immediately. I gasped and looked back at the gas station. My husband and I cracked up and he said, “I know right! I thought so too but I don’t think it’s him, he was clueless and looks like he just got up from bed..oh and the race description does not fit him… I thought that was hilarious!