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Holidays make our sanity intact. Legally speaking, this is the time when we get to spend some quality time with the most important people in our life without having to worry about skipping from work. On the other hand, no one can take away that choice anyway, but it’s always nice to have an extra paid time off. In between stress and hustle-bustle of life, we sometimes cannot recognize which one has taken control of ourselves, thank God for holidays and we are able to stop and put on the brakes of this rapid accelerator of life. Whatever it is that drives us nuts, it depends on the kind of world we live in.

Living in the fullness of life is what makes our life worth living. It is not about the hardship; this is what gives us endurance. It is not about poverty; poverty makes us human. It is not all about money; money is just a tool for making things easier. It’s not about just getting rich; nobody cares about those who are in the millionaire’s list. It’s not all about our job titles; our job is to make a difference in the lives of others. These thoughts will occur if we have a time to reflect and contemplate. Turning off the “noise button” of life will help us understand why things are just the way it is. I guess my point is that we allow things to happen because these are part of the elements of life. However, the proverbial saying (which my mom used to tell me) will always echo in our hearts and minds…”Life is what you make it”.


Let’s begin the tour at the 17-mile drive. First, we paid an entrance fee of about $9.75 (I guess that’s per car). We were not really sure what to expect. So we paid a fee therefore, it gave me a hunch that it is worth driving the area otherwise, why charge? So a welcome sign greeted us at the gate and the friendly staff gave us a brochure/map of the area.

Driving the 17 Mile Drive in California

The brochure tells us that there are 21 scenic views to enjoy. The Huckleberry Hill is one of those. It was colorful and beautiful.

The Huckleberry Hill

Here’s one of the many stops we did, enjoying the color of the sea.

Pebble Beach

My daughter didn’t want to go home. She really appreciate the beauty of nature which she rarely see in her normal routine.

My daughter enjoying the breeze and the little waves brushing off her feet

Sandy Feet

My two Hijas


This deer runs free, not bothered by the passers-by. Such an amazing thing to see.

A Deer graciously stopped having his fill and posed for a picture.

I think this is one of the most Spectacular views. How grand and regal this lone Cypress Tree is..standing alone with pride.

The Lone Cypress Tree

The colors are so natural, the sound of breeze so peaceful, and the sight is so powerful, enough to calm a troubled soul.

Deep blue sea