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As we strolled along the Poppy Hills Golf Course, the sight of vivid yellows by the parking lot captivated me. I’m referring to the beautiful Poppy flowers neatly arranged along the sidewalk with green bushes and other beauties of which complemented it.

Some facts I wanted to share: Poppy is California’s state flower. It was selected as the state flower by the California State Floral Society in December 1890, winning out over the Mariposa lily and the Matilija poppy by a landslide, but the state legislature did not make the selection official until 1903. Its golden blooms were deemed a fitting symbol for the Golden State. April 6 is designated California Poppy Day (see wiki). Wearing of poppies was once a custom in the United States as well, and attempts have been made to revive the tradition in the US in connection with Memorial Day (end of May).

No wonder this flower was chosen for the Golden State. Although it comes in different colors, its golden color fit the State’s title. We were at the golf course around mid afternoon and you can imagine how bright it was at the time of the day but glad that it was a breezy afternoon. If I was not wearing shades, the vibrant reflection that almost like the sun rays, would have hurt my eyes. Ok, it was an exaggeration but at least you get my point on the simile.


Beautiful flowers of May