It’s late in the afternoon and I was busy looking for my ice cream dasher. The promise to make a home-made ice cream for my kids is long overdue and my little one is getting impatient. I keep looking everywhere for that mixer but I end up finding old stuff that I am happy to see anyway. One of the unexpected finds was the box of Kitchenaid grater and slicer set. I opened the box with excitement just like the first time I received it from my husband. It was his present to me a few years ago to ease my daily cooking task and yet I never had a chance to use it.

Unaware of the time, my kids and hubby started to chorus about what’s for dinner. I took a bunch of potatoes from the fridge and started testing the vegie slicer and I was like a kid having a blast with the new-found gadget. The result was awesome and since I got a bowl full of sliced potatoes, I thought of making Au Gratin.

Peeled Potatoes – Since I did not plan what to cook for dinner tonight, I really didn’t care if this is the good kind of potatoes for Au Gratin.

Slicer attachment

Meet my slave…the Kitchenaid and its new attachment. Who needs a maid?


The thickness of the slices are just perfect!

1st layer

So I buttered the baking dish. The one on the photo is the first layer. It was simply a layer of potato slices, salt, pepper to taste, and topped it with mixed shredded cheese (mozarella, jack, and cheddar). Meanwhile, I sauteed some minced garlic and chopped onions in a pan and spread it evenly on each layer.

2nd Layer

After toping the next layer with sautéed garlic and onion. I repeat the procedure of the first layer, adding cheese, salt, and pepper to taste and a little dash of nutmeg (be careful not to err on it). Afterwards, I added equal parts of low-fat milk as well as heavy cream. I kind of ballpark the measuring of milk and cream, the idea is to not let the potatoes swim in the liquid or else it will be too watery. Probably just enough to soak the 1st layer but not quite..being careful not make it too mushy.


Not bad for a first timer!…first time to use the kitchenaid slicer and first time to try this recipe. 🙂

Yeah, spoon it with pride!

Cheers to the hungry birds!

I tell you, it was really yummy. Well, my family said it.. and the proof is on the empty dish. It was delightfully creamy! The texture was chewy yet you can feel the crispy edge of the potatoes. I baked it uncovered for about 45 minutes at 400°  and on the last 7 minutes, I changed it to 450°  to brown the top at a faster rate. The only thing I forgot to include are the seasoned bread crumbs (which I don’t have anyway) so It must have been better for a more textured effect.

Happy eats!