It’s summer time! The kids are ready to explore anything including everything about kitchen activities. My girls included my baking books in their summer readings (seriously!) and eager to try their hands on the recipes I haven’t tried myself. Recently, my weighing scale is not a friend anymore (actually, it hates me for a while now). Oh well, I’m sure it will haunt me sooner, but for now let the fun remain.

My two little chefs gets excited like I do when we pick a new recipe to try. I can sense that my girls love baking and cooking. The fact that it’s a messy business is not at all a problem since we all do our share in the process from preparation to clean-up.  Actually, it’s really tiring but in the end, the hubby will end up cleaning our mess 😀 now, that fulfills the fun in our household. Two weeks ago, we decided to bake a blackberry cobbler. It’s so easy to make and the fact that raspberries are in season at this time, there’s no perfect time to bake it than now. The next day, we baked the same thing. I have to warn you, it’s addicting.

Blackberry Cobbler

We begin by picking fresh blackberries…oh wait, we don’t have it in our backyard, so just find the nearest farmer’s market and that’s the best you can do.

Fresh from the farmer’s market

The recipe calls for 1 stick melted butter (microwave if for a few seconds). I used 1 cup of half & half milk or you can use any milk you have in the fridge.

milk and melted butter

Flour mixture include 1 cup all-purpose flour, 1 cup sugar (set aside some for sprinkling on top before baking), 1 and 1/2 tsp baking powder, and half tsp salt. Mix all the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients together. Pour in the round baking dish, distribute the berries evenly and sprinkle some sugar on top as shown on the picture. Bake in 350• temp for 50 mins.

Sprinkle sugar

Here’s for your delight, the freshly baked, crisp blackberry cobbler..


Pair the warm pie with a scoop of black raspberry ice cream and it’s a perfect combination!

Ice cream and pie

The best compliment a cook can get is an empty plate. Happy eats!

Peach Cobbler

       We were at Walmart the following week and we saw some tempting peaches in the produce section. It was cheap, fresh and sweet. We bought a lot that we got tired of eating it plain. I thought of making peach cobbler of course. My two assistants are always ready to roll when it comes to baking goodies. We did the same preparation like we had in making the blackberry cobbler. I got the recipe online and one that’s famous was from the pioneer

Here it is:

Peach Cobbler

The process, ingredients and instructions of baking are similar with the blackberry cobbler as I explained in the opposite photo.

The best thing about any warm pie is topping it off with ice cream. Mango ice cream and a dollop of whip cream as my youngest recommends.