It’s Monday morning, the back of my legs are cramped from what seemed to be an endless walk we had yesterday at the beach shore with family and friends. Interestingly, it looks like I had a dreamless rest overnight, perhaps due to exhaustion from the previous day. I woke up half past my usual waking hour. It’s my day off at work and I wanted to spend extra time on bed to enjoy a chance for reflection. I’m grateful to the Lord my God for all the blessings I receive, for the friends and family whom I cherish, and for another day to experience my creator.

Yesterday was also the last day that our Lady stayed in our home. The presence of “Our Lady of Fatima” is a good way to bring our entire family praying together. Even though our family prays daily in our meal table, contemplating on the Life of Christ through the mysteries of the rosary is a beautiful way to engage our Lord in our family life. Our Mother Mary has a knack of bringing her children together to worship the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ brought us the Kingdom of heaven and our Holy Mother is so watchful, making sure we always remember and live our Christian lives to the fullest.

Photo Credit: St.AndrewChurch

My fervent admiration to our Mother has become extraordinary lately, I begged her to pray with me these past few weeks and she did; after all, she is the favored one, blessed among us whom the Father had chosen among women. I had a fascinating experience this morning as I was talking to Mary the Mother of God during my morning reflection, all of a sudden, the image and name of St. Ambrose continues to appear at the back of my mind. So then, after I ended my morning prayers and reflection, I took my laptop and searched for St. Ambrose as I have no idea who he was except that he’s a saint.

Who is St. Ambrose?  I had goosebumps for sure while reading his works and biography. St. Ambrose was the first doctor of the church. He was the “Patron of the Veneration of Mary”. During his time, St Ambrose took charge of the church like how a mother cares for her child. “He was fastidious in overseeing that any emperor, high official in government, or other members of churches, would not interfere with his responsibilities as leader of the church. He protected the church as a mother would her infant, watching over it with zealous and solicitous concern and always uplifting his own members by his ever-watchful eyes”  __ I really believe that our Lady wanted me to know about St. Ambrose. I had no clue about him but now I do 🙂 what an amazing experience of prayer today!

As Jesus Christ revealed His Father to us and His Kingdom, He also gave us the gift of Mary as our mother at the crucifixion when our Lord present her to John. “Woman, this is your son,” and “This is your mother.” The Church understood this  very quickly; as how St. Ambrose and the Church Fathers understood.

The sequence of events did not end there. The day is still young and when I opened my Facebook, Dr. Scott Hahn‘s article about our Mother is stunning. I thought it is worth sharing:

     “Jesus comes to us through Mary, not impersonally, as water passes through a pipe, but interpersonally, as the Son of God and most perfect Redeemer comes to dwell in the Mother of God, rendering her the most perfectly redeemed. No other creature was perfectly fashioned by God to enjoy a closer covenant bond of family love than Mary, the Mother of Jesus the God-Man. Far from detracting from the saving work of Christ, she exemplifies it. As we are saved by Jesus, so is she, only more perfectly; and as He came to us through His Mother, so we come to Him through her. Do we detract from the glory of Christ and the perfection of his saving work, then, by affirming its unique and perfect realization in Mary? On the contrary, we celebrate it. Indeed, to affirm Christ’s work in – and the Church’s teaching about – Mary does NOT detract from Jesus, although refusing to affirm it does…” – Scott Hahn
Mary, mother of God_Pray for us!