TGIF! I couldn’t wait for the last minute to clock out and step away from my work station. After a day’s work, I finally got the chance to enjoy the rest of the day. I have nothing fancy or any sort of planned revelry to do, simply “me time” is all I want. I don’t even care to open the TV or go out to shop. I’m glad the kids are out with their dad at a school tournament (yay!) it’s really nice to have an extended solitary moment (as of this writing).

I realize that ever since I started working at home some few years ago, I seldom speak to anyone face to face. I communicate alright, but it’s either through email, webinars, brief phone calls, or text_ and occasionally, when there’s mandatory meeting that I need to attend to meet with our team and that’s it.  Even at the webinars, when you have 200 to 500 people in WebEx, chat is the best way to raise your hand or it will be chaotic if the host will un-mute all participants, and yes that’s how we do our seminars nowadays.

What about talking in cellphones? Hmm, yes I do talk to my friends… but rarely! why? Coz smart phones fell off from heaven. The unbelievable apps in my iphone, the imessaging with unlimited texts, FB app, bible app, blogging app, calorie app, name it and iphone has an application for everything, ever heard of iFart app? Sheesh, the phone can even speak for you! All in the name of itouch, it can change the world.

Although this post is not about any apps, all I’m saying is that technology today can silence the world (literally). When we were kids acting like chatterbox and annoyingly loud, my mom would tell us about her prudent character; on how she could tally in her ten fingers the total words she uttered in a day. I always thought it was impossible in those times but I guess I can do the same thing now with my handheld and all these gadgets.

Simply put, I hear my voice less these days because I speak not through my mouth; I let my fingers do the talking just like how I communicate with you right now.