It’s been 3 days since I finished my final paper and rigorous coursework but I realized that I’ve been gone for more than a year posting from this blog. I’m finally free from deadlines and weekend targets. Currently, I’m savoring my free time with a knock and I mean sleeping all week. But admittedly, writing a paper with 3K words weekly for almost 2 years somehow has become a part of my routine and enjoyed it nonetheless (no pretensions, it’s really true!). I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the debates, team projects, and yes, the laborious case studies but it was very rewarding on retraining my brain. The downside was it took much of my time juggling with family, job, and research work 😦 ‘glad that my friends still know my name ‘cause my social life dropped at almost rock bottom. Now it’s fun to laze around for a bit since I also took a week-long vacation from work to fully enjoy my rest.

I visited “Mappytimes” which I haven’t touched for so long. Believe me, I attempted to post a few times but the lack of time has led those ideas to sit in my draft folder and the topics are now the forgotten ones, heheee!.. After a long hiatus due to schoolwork, I guess it’s time to write again something and say hello to my readers…’Hello my dear readers!