It was 10 minutes before 6 AM when I heard some noise in the kitchen. My girls are up so early and getting ready for first day of school. Two years ago, they earned notoriety for being the late duo on the very fist day of school. It’s not as simple as entering your classroom late. You will have to wait in the school office until everyone settled down from assembly hall, get a late slip and present it to the teacher. It was a good discipline and a hard lesson learned from embarrassment and they do not want that to happen ever again.

I pretend I’m still asleep but my youngest daughter “woke me up” with kisses. “Good morning mommy! See, we are early and ready” It was also her birthday and seem so excited. So I started to heat the pan and cook some breakfast.
The familiar words started to come out as usual, “hurry up girls!.. C’mon and eat your breakfast.. Are you sure you have everything for school?” blah, blah!

Hair Accessories

Accessories ready for use

Now here’s the big thing about first day of school, my girls get psyched up for hair make overs. Imagine the curling iron in the kitchen counter heats up while I’m finishing the hash brown and eggs not to mention the hair bands and “scuncis” lined up on the dining table. Finally, as soon as I’m done with my chef role, mommy needs to be the hair dresser 🙂 Isn’t it exciting?

My eldest daughter who has a spongy hair just like her mother wants her hair straightened down and the birthday girl likes her long hair curled at the end. I did just as they wish while they eat their breakfast. If my grannies were alive, I am certain that I’ll get a hand slapping. What ever happened to dining table etiquette? Whoops! Yeah I’m guilty but with a limited time in the morning, we need to be creative in allotting the time for everything aka multi-tasking.

After all the morning woes, they only stayed at school for two hours since it’s just the beginning of school year. The girls started to tell some classroom stories but at some point, my youngest was a bit disappointed for not having a school mass today. I explained that perhaps it’s due to short hours. I asked her why she wanted to go to mass and she said… “first, we go to a Catholic school and I expect the mass on first day, second, it’s my birthday and that’s how we celebrate it, and lastly, I’d like to know if I will get a free-dress pass for going to mass” and she really made good points. I told her “Ok then young lady, now you have a reason to chat with one of the Fathers when they visit your classroom”…Ahem, attention Fathers! but apparently, the mass is not until the last day of the week.

To sum up our day yesterday, it was a good start of school year. I ended up cooking “Pancit” noodles (symbol of long life) for our birthday celebrant and hubby surprised our daughter with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins to make it extra special.


Ice cream cake for the birthday girl