I used to plan our family’s meal menu for the week as it’s more economical and the food items in our pantry are easier to monitor. Alas! I haven’t succeeded in maintaining that task lately. The practical side of me is frequently challenged when my thought process is constantly interrupted with an avalanche of things to do which often end up unfinished. An aide ‘memoir will help I suppose.

A few nights ago, I was preparing for a work report that I needed to finish. In short, I didn’t have the time to prepare our dinner. I asked the girls for ideas about dinner and they decided to have Pad-Thai noodles since we haven’t had one for a very long time. Problem solved ‘coz I don’t have to think anymore and so I said, “Ok let’s go for Thai cuisine tonight”. We often get our favorite Pad Thai in this Thai-Chinese restaurant near our place. I have to say that they have one of the best palatable cuisines and my colleagues at work will attest to that. It’s a fusion of Thai and Chinese cuisine obviously.

My husband called the restaurant in advance and ordered the food for pick-up. The woman in the receiver assured him that the food will be ready in ten minutes. One thing I like about this place is that they have a speedy service. Although the food is for take-out, we all went to get it, undeterred, despite the chilly temperature outside.

As we entered the small but cozy restaurant, a family in the corner and two elderly women on the opposite side were enjoying their dinner. I was staring incessantly on the young family of four admiring the selfless behavior of the dad. He kept attending to the needs of his children, carefully dividing the food in each of their plate. As their order comes out one after the other, he would divide it evenly and sometimes feed the smaller child while his (assuming) wife is very much engrossed eating or sometimes picking on her children’s plate seemingly oblivious of her husband’s expression of attention.

Actually, I intend to highlight this article about the Christmas décor of the restaurant. The interior looks festive with the spirit of Christmas except for one thing that really puzzled me at one point. When you enter the door, on your left is a welcoming statue of Buddha with big belly adorned with Christmas trimmings 🙂 At the center of the restaurant is an eye-catching midsize Christmas tree ornate with various colorful holiday trimmings. A unique figurine placed on the side of the tree similar to Buddha is tangled with few Christmas lights. A strange blend of contradictory element is in place and I thought it was interesting. I told my husband that this place has a sense of rare and remarkable fusion not only of food but in its statement of belief. He wittingly agreed, hence he called it…

“Christmas with the Thainese”


Captured from my iphone