Yesterday was the last day of 2014 and even though I had to work, it’s ok since I’m looking forward to an almost a week off after the New Year’s Eve. Holiday time off is always rewarding. It gives us a break from the humdrum of our life’s routine. I’m so glad that I’m able to sneak out a time to post an entry in my blog space today which has been a difficult task for me this past year.

As soon as I got out from work yesterday, I hurriedly drove home to start roasting a turkey that I’ll bring to a friend’s house for the eve’s party. After I set the oven for 3 hours and gave instructions to hubby and my girls, I hit the road again and look for a salon to have my nails done.  While driving, I had a chance to reflect on my day’s activities. It dawned on me that time is becoming a luxury. The lack of time I have for the things I want to accomplish daily is seemingly evident. I’m sure most of you will agree that rushing is inevitable even with a managed time at hand. It is getting difficult to juggle things around with so many things to do yet so little time. I guess it has been like that in my entire adult life or at least since I started a family. All these realities come to mind in moments of silence. When you know that time is slipping before your eyes, it’s good to stop and reminisce the past.


Christmas 2014


Oh Christmas Tree!


How lovely are your branches…

I can proudly say that the Christmas week was less stressful than I thought it would be. The trick is to finish all the “essentials” before delving into the trivial stuff. Being a Catholic, it’s hard not to reflect why we celebrate Christmas. It orders our mind to the right direction including how we treat others and brings out the Christian message to everyone and so the rest follows on smoothly.

I’m a great fan of holiday festivities and will do everything to excite the mood of the people around me. Christmas day is the best time for family gathering. Family is a gift just like how our Heavenly Father gifted us with his son and the son gifted us the holy mother Church. This is what we get from our Christian tradition, the value of family and the love that centers within.

I started trimming the tree a week before Christmas. I just love to see those beautiful ornaments that helps get on the Christmas spirit.


6.5 lbs. Boneless Roasted Prime Rib


We have had our relatives celebrate with us on this special day. I decided I would roast a USDA prime rib. I was kind of intimidated to do it as I have never tried roasting a prime grade rib. It turned out well and was happy with the result. The next day, I re-roasted the leftover for 250° in the roaster oven and left there until we were ready to eat (perhaps a little more than an hour) it was actually better in my opinion. The texture was tender and very moist just like the first time I cooked it. I did not make a gravy from Au jus because there should not be any modification or enhancement that go with this beauty. The meat itself is extremely superb. Between USDA choice and USDA prime, always go with the latter although it can be costly but special celebration is always worth a try. I accompanied the meat with roasted fingerling potatoes which I marinated with olive oil and herbs. The aroma was excellent!

I didn’t forget to make a Christmas candy bar for children. It looks festive and makes them hyper too. The sugar rush is part of the excitement!



Sees Lollipops and sour patch candies


Assorted chocolates and Santa’s gummy worms


We also had a birthday cake for baby Jesus


Children are the happiest during Christmas season


Welcoming the New Year


2015 looks promising!

I think this is the best way to start, begin with a positive outlook.    This post is about the beauty of yesterdays, so first, it’s good to go back and reflect on 2014 and learn from the past, and hence we can be ready on what 2015 has to offer. Gratitude is a right attitude in recalling the things that happened to us. Here in US, the holiday mood starts on Thanksgiving Day until New Years. Reflecting on things both good and bad will always give us an insight to resolve our weaknesses and at the same time, be mindful to preserve our strengths.