When I was coming of age, I spent most of my days with siblings and close friends. We were very much engaged in our parish youth activities.  I grew up surrounded by people with solid belief and a family whose faith is anchored in Christ. The priest in our parish was instrumental in honing us with the foundation of Church’s teaching.

One of the most important lessons I learned is to remember that Easter is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar.  I always thought it was Christmas with all the festivities around both the faithful and secular world. Nevertheless, the given explanation to youngsters with simple minds was easy to comprehend; Christmas is when we celebrate the humanity of our savior, and on Easter, we celebrate his divinity.

My family spent our Holy Week as usual. We observed every sacred day that make up the Paschal Mystery. Hubby and kids were busy as participants in schools and parish activities. Yesterday was Easter Sunday and all of us woke up late since we went home close to midnight on Holy Saturday. Easter is always a new beginning. It is refreshing and exciting especially in this country where we always look forward to celebrating holidays. We did not plan on going out since most major establishments are closed on Easter. The girls think they are too old to Easter egg hunt…or so they thought. My youngest painted the egg shells after her sister fried some eggs. She also did a table game once we finished our brunch meal at home. It was funny in a way since she made the eggshells like fortune cookies with special message inside. Their dad was lucky to find treasure in one of the eggs. It was a simple celebration that brought us closer together as a family, yet it was a little more special than our usual Sunday mornings. I hope yours was a happy one as well.

Happy Easter to the Christendom!


Hot Cross Buns complete the Easter meal.


A refreshing lemonade with mint and sparkling apple juice.


Brunch with the family at home.


The tulips are pleasing to the eye. The girls creatively arranged the flowers using a tea pot as the vase.


Fresh Kale and fruit salad. Spring is upon us.


Mr. Peter Rabbit is quite a carrot teaser.


My favorite Lindt bunnies…’wondered why my daughter secured them under the glass dome.

Painted eggs

Colorful Easter eggs