It’s Friday, hubby and I finally have a date after years of my absence from reality. Being a grad student can make you invisible in many ways particularly if it has nothing to do with weekly school project and peer discussion. Gone are the sleepless nights where I had often wished to even use my sleep time just to complete a weekly paper worth 3,000 words; not to mention the days that even my driving time must be used for phone conferences with school peers to meet the week’s project deliverables for the course requirement. It’s time to forget those calculus exams and excel solver that can be nerve-wracking at some point. No more prowling of CEOs that I need to discourse in the assigned problematic case studies.

This week is freeing…Yes, how wonderful it is to make plans on the spur of the moment! So I called hubby in his office today for a Friday night out. We decided to play bowling and the title of this blog entry was actually based on one of the monitor score screen’s catch phrase in which I found witty, it says: “Goodbye boredom, hello bowling.”

It’s really nice to have a diversion; but on the contrary, I felt a bit worried that I might get too comfortable. Being “easy” or feeling lazy is not a normal thing for me anymore. I told the hubby while we were in the car that I’m afraid I’ll love this laid-back moment but hopefully not too often. I enjoyed it nonetheless only because it was our closest moment having fun together in a very long time.

We bowled to our hearts’ content; about an hour and a half. It’s enough for him to sweat (he really played like a pro) and of course he won the game but my score was not bad either. It was a minute before 9pm when we reached our 300 and afterwards, we decided to have a small bite for the night since we both haven’t eaten dinner. I craved for a milk tea and there’s no other place to go than a Vietnamese soup joint with its tea shop which was 15 minutes away from where we were…’glad they are open late. We both get beef pho and for sure it was delish! If not for my work the next day, we would have watched a late movie in the theater but that would be an overkill since I have to wake up early for work. It’s just amazing how simple moments can give our lives a bliss. I can’t wait for the coming weeks 🙂