In the middle of February 2012, my 4th grade daughter and her class went to a field trip at Mission San Juan Bautista. My husband and I took this opportunity to volunteer in the trip and at the same time include this visit on our Mission journey diary. So I was one of the chaperones and my husband being one of the drivers. Most vehicles carried a group of four or six students. My daughter was so excited and happy together with other five of her friends. I asked them to say a prayer before we go to the mission since it will take us 45 minutes drive to reach our destination. During the trip, the girls watched a movie about a dolphin while they were munching some goodies. They behaved pretty good and I was so proud of them.


     When we arrived at the mission, there was a bus-load of students from other school and a charter bus with a group of elderly people. The mission was pretty busy with tourists that day and we were met by two docent.  They were assigned to us during the tour and narrated the history of mission San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist). A lot of interesting features surrounded the property. This mission is the largest in the 21 Spanish California chain. Founded by Padre Lausen on June 24, 1797, Padre Junipero Serra (the founder of the first 9 Missions) was already deceased during this time.

A conservation program is preserving the historic collections at the missions (see photo video). San Juan Bautista State Historic Park is the only authentic mission plaza landscape in the state.

Photo video of Mission San Juan Bautista visit