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“Goodbye boredom, Hello bowling”

Posted on September 4, 2015

It’s Friday, hubby and I finally have a date after years of my absence from reality. Being a grad student can make you invisible in many ways particularly if it has nothing to do with weekly school project and peer discussion. Gone are the sleepless nights where I had often wished to even use my sleep time just to complete a weekly paper worth 3,000 words; not to mention the days that even my driving time must be used for phone conferences with school peers to meet the week’s project deliverables for the course requirement. It’s time to forget those calculus exams and excel solver that can be nerve-wracking at some point. No more prowling of CEOs that I need to discourse in the…

Joy amidst misery

Posted on October 10, 2011

       After several fun-filled summer weeks, it had ended as we all expected. Fall season has begun and is widely felt these past few days as the weather starts to change. While many are looking forward for the cooler days of fall, the first strike of the season hit us with the taste of viral colds and sinus infection before we even enjoyed the fall colors.        As always, the first victims are the children and the census will include mine if they will ever have to start one. Thankfully, the young-bloods have no problems in fighting the culprits of their fun except that it goes around the household and now it got me. The truth holds on the expression “misery loves company”. A few days ago, I was caring…

Three kinds of Love

Posted on September 26, 2011

I am a fan of the late Bishop Fulton Sheen. I probably explored and listened everything I could find in the internet that pertains to his videos, podcast, and writings. I am thankful of the preservation of his talks that are provided for anyone of us who are interested. I am sharing this in my blog so that anyone who stumble this post may enjoy his wits and wisdom as well. . EROS Philia AGAPE