This page is dedicated to our California Mission trips. To those who have no idea what I am talking about, this is about the history of California. You may be wondering why California’s main cities, streets and other prominent places have names of saints, history will tell you. The recorded history of this state essentially began with spanish missionaries led by a Franciscan friar named Junipero Serra in the 1700s.

Probably, the most learned of all ages with regards to the missions are the California 4th graders; regardless if they are in catholic schools or not, as this is the time when they study the fascinating period of great changes in California.

Now, my family’s goal is to visit the 21 missions. We had planned to do this a few years back when my oldest daughter was in her 4th grade but we kept lagging. Now that our youngest is in her 4th grade, this has sparked our desire to embark in this journey. We have started exploring the missions early this year, I do not know when will this be completed, it depends on what the future will tell us. I will post the video/photos of every missions we had visited. I cannot wait how this project will end up. I am excited! Keep visiting this page.

As we journey to the Missions, I will post in my mission page according to the order date of our visitation.

Meanwhile, here is a website of detailed information of the Missions for those who wanted to get more details of history, locations and other important facts.