This blog was originally created as a cyberbridge for families and friends that live across the miles and constantly wait for update on my life’s random events.

      I am a healthcare professional, a wife, and a proud mother of two girls. We live in the Golden State. I like to write on any kind of topic but mostly I’d be sharing  musings about my faith, family, and friends. In addition, I love to blog anything under the sun including my hobbies, confusions, and opinions. 

     I was raised in a catholic tradition,  of which I am forever thankful; how God cultivates my being through this faith is something I would really love to share.

       I’m also a photo enthusiast who uses canon & Olympus as my gears but honestly, am still far from being a pro just to make myself clear. You will find bits and pieces of my thoughts as I slowly create pages to my site. ‘Nothing formal here, just purely random thoughts. Real stories in different sets of mood will play as pages of my life continually unravel through the mercy of uncertainty.

You are welcome to comment. Happy reading :)  and have a blessed day!