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Santo Niño

Posted on January 19, 2016

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We finally concluded last Sunday the Santo Niño celebration, a famous religious celebration in the Philippines about the Holy Child Jesus. This has been a worldwide practice among Filipino Catholics even in the US. The Vatican has set the 3rd Sunday of January as the liturgical feast day of Santo Niño as proclaimed by Pope Innocent XIII.

I’m glad that this tradition has been formed in the minds of future generation whose interest to their culture and devotion to the Child Jesus will never be forgotten through the help of parents, communities, and even schools that encourage cultural performances.

A few blogs ago, I posted my sewing comeback in reference to my daughters’ costumes as Singkil princess and my youngest as one of the maidens. I promised to post the finished dresses including the prince’s outfit. Here they are, done with their performance…

The most challenging for me is making the Prince’s pants and sleeves for the top. Basically, this is my first time to make men’s outfit. The sleeves were painstakingly difficult to assemble. Unlike normal sleeve patterns, this one calls for upper and lower cut two-pattern sleeves; thus, matching the notches was tedious. I had to re-do them twice which explain why the bottom of his top is different in color because I ran out of fabric material due to my mistake. I used the princess’s top fabric instead and I think the golds harmonize well with the blue hue. To make the wrong sleeves useful, I made a Kufi hat out of it as shown in the picture.IMG_0316-1


The hanging beaded bells added a chiming sound effect to the costume. The making of these hanging beads was time-consuming and so I let the girls do it. I secured them in a gold lace and hand-sewn at the base of her kebaya (blouse) for easy removal in time for hand-wash after use. I found an elastic necklace material at Michael’s and it was perfect to hold the ankle bells.



The colorful combination of the maidens’ costumes complemented well with their magenta sash and striking fuchsia fans.  I took the color swatch from their striped skirt in deciding which fabric color to choose for their kebayas. This type of outfit is indigenous in the Southern part of the Philippines with Islāmic communities even today. History tells us that the Royal family of Rajas in Cebu were the first to accept the image of Santo Niño and eventually converted to Christianity. Santo Niño de Cebu has been a huge annual celebration ever since.


A New Beginning

Posted on April 6, 2015

When I was coming of age, I spent most of my days with siblings and close friends. We were very much engaged in our parish youth activities.  I grew up surrounded by people with solid belief and a family whose faith is anchored in Christ. The priest in our parish was instrumental in honing us with the foundation of Church’s teaching. One of the most important lessons I learned is to remember that Easter is the greatest feast in the Christian calendar.  I always thought it was Christmas with all the festivities around both the faithful and secular world. Nevertheless, the given explanation to youngsters with simple minds was easy to comprehend; Christmas is when we celebrate the humanity of our savior, and on Easter, we celebrate…

Tinker, Tinker, Little Stars

Posted on January 5, 2015

We had an opportunity to take our daughters with their younger cousins to visit Exploratorium in San Francisco during the holiday break. As usual in a place like this, children and the young minds are the stars of the museum. This museum is full of interactive exhibits that will absolutely piqué one’s mind. It’s hard to just stare and observe without exploring them with your own hands (hence the name “Exploratorium”). I found out that the founder of this institution was Frank Oppenheimer. His last name definitely rings a bell. I’m talking about the Manhattan Project in the mid-40s during the 2nd world war era. He was the younger brother of Robert Oppenheimer, the father of Atomic Bomb. I’m sure you are all familiar with the…

Back To School Night

Posted on August 23, 2013


Photo credit: hhs.sbo.hampton.k12.va.us

Last night was our kids’ “Back to school night (BSN)” which I wasn’t enthused to attend. I figured it will all be the same as the previous years anyway. My eldest daughter was insistent and urged me to attend and so I went with my hubby. My youngest is now in 6th grade which means she now joins her sister in the middle school and it also indicates that they have the same BSN schedule.

For those who have no idea what happens in a “back to school night”  it’s about the parents only (no kids) meeting the school teachers and admin. You get to sit on your child’s seat and basically listen to teachers summarizing the curriculum/syllabus and other future projects and activities that your child will encounter.




A Pleasant Surprise

My husband and I decided to split; I went to my 8th grader and he went to our 6th grader meeting. I realized it will break my daughter’s heart if I didn’t attend because she did something special from her heart. A folder is neatly arranged on top of each desk with all the information such as forms, schedules, syllabus, etc. I saw a personal note from my daughter when I opened the folder. It was a note of appreciation and expression of love to us for sending her in that school which she loves so dearly. Now I know why she was very insistent 🙂

One of the things I enjoyed looking around the classroom is the “Farcebook” page that they created. Although they are not allowed to use Facebook for many legit reasons, it’s similar to face-book page but it was on a poster and full of future hopes and dreams including funny stuff. I was amazed to see that a huge part of their class hopes to enter Stanford or Santa Clara University which is not surprising since those are the closest but nicest schools in the area.

Tech Savvy Gen Z’s

Kids now a day are the true digital natives, having born with internet as part of their life growing up. I love the fact that my kids’ school provides each student a mac book to use as part of their learning tool. It is where they do their homework, readings, research, and all kinds of stuff in learning. I remember my daughter made a video project using Mac a few years ago and the quality was excellent.


This year however, the laptops are now phased out. The school has decided to distribute iPad instead of the mac laptop as part of the school technology initiative. I was trying to weigh the benefits but I’m always open to change when it comes to technology in learning. The teachers explained the interactive learning through the use of different apps. It will promote creative thinking and intellectual curiosity because iPad allows an easy access at their fingertips. Other software and course sites were discussed that will be part of the process.  It’s like a hybrid online and cohort learning that makes me excited for my kids. I know these are only tools; everything still depends on curriculum, parents, and teacher-student engagement nonetheless.


Getting Psyched Up

Posted on August 22, 2013

It was 10 minutes before 6 AM when I heard some noise in the kitchen. My girls are up so early and getting ready for first day of school. Two years ago, they earned notoriety for being the late duo on the very fist day of school. It’s not as simple as entering your classroom late. You will have to wait in the school office until everyone settled down from assembly hall, get a late slip and present it to the teacher. It was a good discipline and a hard lesson learned from embarrassment and they do not want that to happen ever again. I pretend I’m still asleep but my youngest daughter “woke me up” with kisses. “Good morning mommy! See, we are early and…


Posted on March 30, 2012

Earlier while cleaning our kitchen, my eleven-year old daughter looks on. She was in the kitchen waiting for the alarm of the toaster oven to sound so she could munch her toasty bread for snack. I asked her what spread she wants for her bread, her choices range from nutella, peanut butter, strawberry jam, cream cheese, mayo sandwich spread, and plain butter. She opt for just plain butter [that’s how easy she is] which I knew already since bread and butter is what makes her day complete. I thought of some stuff I want to talk about since this is the time we can have our moments together, to discuss just about anything interesting. Before I could even think of something, she already started it. Here’s what she told me,”you know…

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